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Am I Unconscious?

An individual in hypnotic trance is conscious and in control at all times. While in hypnosis, rather than give up control, the individual actually gains greater control over their body and mind. Hypnosis creates a “dual awareness of mind.” Your conscious and sub-conscious minds are available to you simultaneously. You can edit and withhold information at will if you are so inclined.

Will I Do Things I Don’t Want To Do?

The individual will not accept any suggestion or direction they do not want to accept. The individual can end the hypnosis session at any time they choose to. An individual cannot be hypnotized against their will or made to do something that is in opposition to their personal value system.

What About False Memories?

All memories whether the individual is aware of them previously or regained during hypnosis are a mixture of fact, fantasy, and perception and should always be regarded as such.

What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized?

Only a very small percentage of people desiring to be hypnotized cannot be. Working with a hypnotist with whom you have strong rapport and who is well trained in different induction techniques is the primary determining criteria for successful hypnotherapy.