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I smoked for 50 years. Now I am a non-smoker. I have more energy. I am more relaxed and experiencing such a feeling of joy. I didn’t believe it was possible, but now I know it is. Working with Bill has been a wonderful experience. Judi E., Tempe, AZ. (Testimonial 2+ years)

Bill’s cutting edge technique as a hypnotherapist was like a magic bullet that facilitated a major breakthrough in my life, I am forever indebted to him. Thank you for having the genuine confidence and belief in me that sets you apart from other therapists. A. Haffner, CHT, Gulf Shores, Al (Testimonial)

I truly feel that I have benefited from the two sessions that I took with you. I think I also learned a few things too that will help me in my quest to better understand my behavior around people. I want to thank you for your guidance and help. Rob W., Scottsdale, AZ (Personal Note)

I am doing great as a non-smoker and thank you so much for all of your expertise and support. The experience I shared with hypnosis was one I will never forget. I am certain I have never been so relaxed and I welcomed that feeling. I do believe in order to be successful with hypnotherapy and the non-smoking issue I really needed to want to quit smoking. I am now a non-smoker after a thirty-year ingrained habit. My therapy was about changing the beliefs and I thank you and hypnotherapy for that!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and trusted your work. Kathy C., Prescott, AZ (Personal Note)

I was a heavy smoker for about 10 years, smoking 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Mostly induced by a highly stressful occupation in the military. After a few unsuccessful attempts to quit, using other stop smoking aids such as pills and patches, I turned to hypnosis. I needed to find a different approach to becoming a non-smoker because like most smokers, I enjoyed smoking. Using hypnosis and a system setup by Bill Regner, I was able to alter my beliefs by substituting the negative act of smoking with a positive action, and still get the same results I had previously obtained through smoking. Through hypnosis, I am given the opportunity to choose if I want to smoke or not, it no longer feels like a necessity. Hypnosis can help you change your life and become a non-smoker, as it did for me. Tim W., Mesa, AZ (Testimonial)

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