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I was skeptical of hypnosis when I first came to Regner Hypnotherapy Services. However, after the free consultation I felt very comfortable with both Bill and the process. I have learned more about myself and gained more confidence through his therapy than any other therapy I have tried. And I have tried quite a few. I would encourage anyone who needs assistance dealing with emotional, physical or stress issues to talk to Bill. He really helped me. L.H., Mesa, AZ (Testimonial)

I am doing incredibly well. I am constantly amazed at the transformation! I really haven't thought about smoking, of course because I am a "non smoker", but the cravings haven't been there... I haven't had any weight gain. I really can't believe where I am, can't believe that I've actually seen my "God" and that he's held me in his arms... These are things that you wait a lifetime for and I've experienced it! I will be forever grateful for where you have led me, I couldn't get there by myself. B.A., Phoenix, AZ (Personal Note)

I am approaching the 3 month mark without smoking cigarettes, and no cravings either. That operation was a success, so thank you. I have given your info to several people who could use your help, hopefully at least a couple of them have followed up, but you know how that goes. D.R., Phoenix, AZ (Personal Note)

Our sessions have changed my life. This was the first Christmas in years without tears. V.C., Scottsdale, AZ (Personal Note)

I just wanted to check in and say hello. I wanted to let you know that I am doing well and life is going really great! Lots of changes, all for the better and I still feel really good! It's amazing that after all those years of feeling bad I can feel this great! Again, thank you. I refer you often because of the changes you helped me make!

Just got a huge promotion, got out of a draining relationship, presented my book for its second edit, and life is easy again! Haha- that's relative, of course! V.C. Scottsdale, AZ (Personal Note)

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