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Since our last session, I did kind of take the bull by the horns a bit. I write down everything I eat and hold myself accountable when I go over. I let myself splurge, but then I have to make a trip to the gym for a little extra cardio or whatnot. I'm doing the "slowly but surely" approach. And yes, I do think of you whenever I want to dive head first into a cake, or when I try to skip the gym. "I choose success!" Right? :)

I do have to say that a lot of the other stuff that came up in our sessions has made me more aware of what I do and why I do it. Knowing that helps me take control of it more. Like, say, if I close myself off from someone. I remind myself "I am choosing to close myself off from them. Is that what I really want to do? Why?" You know...stuff like that.

All in all, I see weight loss success in my future. More importantly, I see OVERALL success in my future because I know myself better than I did before. So you see? Me being a difficult nut to crack did pay off a bit! I appreciate it, and have so much appreciation for our sessions. :)R.H., Tempe, AZ (Personal Note)

I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me in our first session, and I'm looking forward to more. Thanks again. B.P., Phoenix, AZ (Personal Note)

Yesterday was a bit hectic, since I am off for a week's vacation, so it may not have been the wisest thing for me to have scheduled a 10 AM golf lesson. (My boss) grabbed me for "two quick things" on my way out the door. Got to the range late. Ripped off the shirt. Snatched the bag. Trotted to the lesson tee. As I made my initial swings, the pro said, "The problem is you are much too tense. Are you OK?"

I made the Trigger Gesture (anchored in hypnosis). I felt a smile curl up on my face. Felt great. Happy and confident. Great lesson. D. W., Tucson, AZ (Personal Note)

You have made more headway with helping me get rid of the negative thoughts and self-condemning behaviors in my life than the numerous other therapists I have tried throughout my adult life. You are very insightful and really have the ability to get to the underlying issues. L.H., Mesa, AZ (Personal Note)

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