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Living Bardo

Living Bardo hypnotherapy is about working with your beliefs or the system of beliefs that make up your personality or ego structure. This Living Bardo hypnotherapeutic process honors the positive intention of those beliefs and calls upon the higher intelligence and resources of your inner minds to guide you to balance and health.

The hypnotherapist provides the “safe” environment that allows the protective nature of the mind to relax and communication between the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious minds allowed to take place. The languages of the inner minds are sensory imagery encompassing the five conscious senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. They also include emotion and sensation. All are made receivable to your conscious mind through the medium of metaphor or stories. The role of the seeker is to allow, invite, and honor the expression or manifestation of the inner minds and report those experiences to the facilitator.

Focusing and Breath:

Allowing, inviting, and honoring the expression of the inner minds is enhanced with the conscious inclusion of breath. Conscious directed breathing into the experience opens, amplifies, and expands its manifestation. This enhancing allows the awareness to move further into the experience. The seeker then “listens” to the expression of the inner mind.

This focusing often seems counter-intuitive to the way we have learned to work with our “issues” or “dysfunctions.” We are often counseled to wrestle with our demons or throw them out the window, or some other combative subject-object oriented technique. Sometimes we are encouraged to overlay some other belief on top of the old belief and hold that in our mind until we accept it as true.

Living Bardo hypnotherapy honors those now dysfunctional beliefs that reside between who you are today and the sense of balance, wholeness, or oneness that you desire. They are honored as still operating with a positive intention for you. Even though you may now be older, bigger, wiser, stronger, healthier, or more conscious that at the time you accepted the belief as true and necessary for your survival, that belief residing in the literal sub-conscious mind still exists to protect you if a similar situation perceived through your conscious senses should arise. It is an automatic knee jerk response that includes all the components of a belief flooding into you conscious awareness. That is the sensory imagery, emotion, physical sensation, and the interpretation you assigned it when it was originally formed.